Harbourside Development, Port Talbot, South Wales

Geotechnical Design, Site Remediation

Terra Firma Wales Ltd (TFW) was retained to investigate a former Steel Works Site in Port Talbot and subsequently supervise the earthworks to render the site suitable for development.


During the investigation Chemical and Geotechnical testing was performed on the existing soils to identify viable sources of site won aggregate for the development phase. Prior to the earthworks TFW supervised the excavation of identified contamination hotspots and derived European Waste Codes (EWC) for the excavated soil waste.


TFW provided a specification for the placement of the aggregate and undertook in-situ testing to confirm the performance of the placed material. California Bearing Ratio testing was performed in car park areas.


At the completion of the earthworks TFW issued validation reports detailing that the former Steel Works was cleared of contamination and was developed to a standard suitable for buildings with a 100 kN/m2 foundation load.


The site has been developed into office space and modern industrial units including laboratories and a workshop.